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Ariadne Appletree's Children's Books

About Ariadne Appletree

My purpose is to create children's books with imagination, excitement, curiosity and overall joy. I want to delight children and their parents with stories straight from my childhood imagination combined with the lessons I've learned through life. I hope you enjoy the experience of my books as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 

Thank you so much for your support :)

Ariadne Appletree, author, children's books, illustrator, freelance illustrator, soul bird studio, Riki Unrau, Cranbrook


The Tiny Things that Timothy Saw

Children's picture book, gnomes, magical, imagination, kids books

Timothy is a boy who notices things that most people miss. This special ability leads him to the land of the tiny gnomes where he must do battle with the dark troll and set the land free from darkness. 

Timothy will help your children discover the strength inside of them to overcome any darkness (with the help of some pretty cute gnomes).  

Bethany Blair and the Bugs in her Hair

children's books, picture books, kids, bugs, bullying, kindness, teaching, learning, child

Bethany Blair is an unusually kind little girl. She makes friends with the bugs who like to nestle in her hair which doesn't make her very popular with the other kids. But despite some rather unkind classmates, she never ceases to lead with kindness. Eventually, all of the children finally see that a heart lead with kindness is absolute key!

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